Cents 4 Change is a platform that helps people that are less fortunate get more. People lose interest in donating because of the money minimum and the lack of convenience. This is why important charities don’t get the money that they need, but Cents 4 Change can change all that. The objective is to donate money to charities with convenience and desired amount. Cents 4 Change does this by taking the remains of your purchase (the cents) and more, if you so choose, and gives it to the charity you desire. With this, a lot of charities will get the money that they need and we are making the world a better place!


There are a lot of charities out there with great causes that I’d like to contribute to and I am sure I am not alone in this. However, I have been noticing that when I want to donate, most of the charities are asking for at least 40 dollars minimum. Most people do not want to or cannot donate that much money at one period of time. This is the case for me as I don’t have an income at the moment. But I still want to help…

Cents 4 Change has a feature known as the Round Up Rule. The Round Up Rule is when you make a purchase and the total amount rounds up to the next whole number.


Step 1 includes selecting an organization from our donation zone and entering the desired amount you’d like to donate. All donations will be made once the minimum donation amount is satisfied and we will email you a receipt for tax and personal purposes.


Step 2 includes navigating through the payment process by seamlessly entering your information into our secure payment portal using PayPal’s SSL Encryption gateway and awaiting a confirmation email.


Step 3 is the best part… Voilà ! You have successfully made a contribution to your desired foundation seamlessly and securely. We hope to process donations on a daily basis given we receive a fair amount of donation each day. In order for this concept to work we must satisfy the foundations donation minimum.